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Frontline Philanthropy's services provide solutions for individuals embarking on private philanthropy campaigns, ensuring that your charitable giving is safe and well managed. We make it easy to do the right thing.

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Frontline Philanthropy makes doing the right thing easy with our range of services

Frontline Philanthropy makes doing the right thing easy. You may be enthusiastic about bringing a radical change and improvements to the world around us; helping to find cures for diseases, supporting individuals or families to build a better life, looking for solutions to reduce hunger, aid religious, educational and cultural institutions or indeed, any other inspiration that philanthropists may wish to support.

Frontline Philanthropy enables you to make a meaningful contribution to this generation and future generations. It allows you to define your grant making strategies, helps to formulate activity and creates the right vehicles to promote your philanthropic endeavours.

Regardless of your situation, Frontline Philanthropy will help you fully understand the choices available to you and overcome any hurdles you might experience. It will deliver the right solutions to bring your philanthropic wishes to fruition.

'Philanthropia' (love for mankind) has evolved over the years ; the act of giving no longer directed simply at giving donation to existing charitable concerns or institutions but allows an individual to make his/her own direct contribution to a personal cause, to be able to manage and monitor the effects of this contribution. In the partnership of Cayman National Bank & Trust Company (Isle of Man) Limited (Cayman National) and Old Court Chambers, you will have the necessary resource and experience to assist with the formation of charitable trusts or foundations, provide administrative solutions and legal advice in the Isle of Man.

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